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"Communicate with Connection"

Everyone has a unique story.
What’s yours?





My name is John Wilkinson, and I am a writer who ceaselessly believes in a story’s ability to “communicate with connection.”





Feel free to flip through my portfolio and examine some of the stories I’ve helped give a voice to.

Communication is always more effective when you construct your story to connect with your audience.



We remember the stories that teach us something new; that explore passions and reinvigorate our own; that make us laugh, think, and remember; that we relate to; that catch us completely off-guard. These are the stories that leave lasting impressions in an increasingly short-attention world.



What story are you trying to tell?

What is the purpose of communication?

To ensure your audience understands your intended message; even with the most compelling story, if that outcome isn’t accomplished, you’ve failed.

I believe I can give your story the voice you’re looking for – whatever your vision.



If you think so too, please reach out via the contact page and include a brief overview of your project, intended audience, and goals.

I’ll reply at the earliest availability.

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